Materials Science, Textiles

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Materials Science, Textiles
Journal ISSN Publisher Coverage DOl prefix Language Indexed in
Fashion & Textile Research Journal 1229-2060 The Korean Society for ClothIng Industry 1999-2016 10.5805 kor Yes Yes
Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles 1225-1151 The Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles 1977-2016 10.5850 kor Yes Yes
Textile Coloration and Finishing 1229-0033 The Korean Society of Dyers and Finishers 1989-2016 10.5764 kor Yes Yes
Textile Science and Engineering 1225-1089 The Korean Fiber Society 2004-2016 10.12772 kor Yes Yes
The Research Journal of the Costume Culture 1226-0401 The Costume Culture Association 1993-2016 10.7741 kor Yes Yes